Spring Shoot On Location!

We’ve started shooting the Spring 2012 catalogue. Brittany is hard at work keeping us organized!

Photo shoot experts, we come prepared:

Shoes galore!
Oh and 21 kids!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes fun!


Orient Expressed goes to Tinsels and Treasures


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It’s that time of year again!  Jr. League shows have started and Orient Expressed has hit the road.  Most recently, we went to Lafayette, Louisiana to the Tinsels and Treasures show.  Stacy, Sharla, Dabney, Anna, and Leila had fun selling (and playing) in Acadiana!  We’re also traveling to several more Jr. Leagues this Fall.  Come see us at:

Baton Rouge Hollydays:  October 24th – 27th

Jackson Mistletoe Marketplace: November November 7th – 10th

Houston Nutcracker Market: November 7th – 11th

Austin Christmas Affair:  November 14th – 18th

Halloween Fun

When you work at Orient Expressed you never know what the day will hold.  It might be a day filled with screaming and giggling children at a photo shoot, packing orders, or even unpacking new merchandise!  Yesterday we had an impromptu dress up party with Stacy in preparation for Halloween!

Our retail store in New Orleans just received tons of new Halloween goodies and we had a little fun with them . . .

Stacy was a great sport as we adorned her with all the trappings of a witch – complete with hat, gloves, and spidery apron!

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Wild Wednesday – Photo Shoot Outtakes


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One of the best parts about working with children is capturing the impromptu moments.  Here are some fun snaps from a few recent photo shoots!

Somebody is going to be a baseball player!  Totally preoccupied by the baseball bat, this little guy’s attention was difficult to get.  Taking the bat away led to….

…complete meltdown!

No, James doesn’t have special pumpkin levitating skills.  We just clicked at the right moment!

Curtains can be very distracting… especially when you want to play hide and seek.

Nothing makes the end of a photo shoot wonderful like a lollie pop! Hope you enjoyed some of our outtakes.  Stay tuned for more fun form Orient Expressed!

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Tween Scene


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Orient Expressed is known for making cute children’s clothing, but we are venturing into tween fashion as well!  Many of our models are kids of employees, relatives, or friends.  As they grow we are growing with them!  It’s been a lot of fun dressing up and getting sassy with these girls!

Psst!  There’s also a tween SALE going on!  CLICK HERE!

Strikin’ a pose!

Attached to that cell phone, even during photo shoots!

These two have modeled for us for many years. It’s been wonderful to see them grow from toddler to young girls!

Checking herself out in the mirror of Mom’s closet.

Needing ideas for your tween girl?  Be sure to follow our Totally Tween Pinterest board for outfit ideas, crafts, fashion tips and more!

The Fall Catalogue is Now Online!


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Just click on the link in the left-hand menu to flip our Fall and Winter 2012 catalogue. Like an item you see? Just click on it to go straight to that item on our website!


You can also access our catalogue on our

Hurricane Isaac


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Just a quick update on Orient Expressed and Hurricane Isaac.  We’ve weathered the storm with just one broken window.  At the moment we still don’t have any power, but keep your fingers crossed! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!  Here are just a few pictures taken by various members of the Orient Expressed family of what it’s like in New Orleans this week:

Prytania Street in New Orleans during Isaac

An employee’s house on Louisiana Ave with a fallen tree.

Sharla took some more pictures of damage around town yesterday:

Freret Street Uptown

Sharla with a National Guardsman.  Thank you for all your hard work, sir!

National Guard Humvee patrolling the city.

Orient Expressed will be up and running as soon as we have power restored and your Hurricane Sale orders will be making their way to you!



Photo Friday


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Just another fun little photo shoot we want to share with you!  It was a blast spending time with this little one earlier in the week.  Check out his adorable smile … and clothes of course!  😉

Maddie Squared


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Monday morning we had the pleasure of hanging out with two sweet girls – Maddie and Maddie!  “Big” Maddie is two and “Little” Maddie is 12 months old.  Big Maddie showed up to our little photo shoot asking to meet her “sister” Maddie.  I suppose in a two year old’s mind having the same name is the equivalent of being related!  🙂  But it was great preparation because any day now she will really become a big sister!  We’re all waiting anxiously to find out if it’s a girl or a boy!

Maddie and Maddie (or Maddie Squared as I like to call them) were so excited to don winter coats, even though in New Orleans August is still sweltering.  They loved pretending it was cold outside despite the heat.

Is it Christmas time yet?  We certainly wish that it was, but until then we can pretend! It’s Holiday dress up time with some cool nutcrackers, or soldiers as Big Maddie insists they are called.

Little Maddie enjoying some shade on the front porch…

Big Maddie giving her mom a grin while musing about what to name the new little sibling.  She is very excited to be a big sister.

And last but not least, someone shows a little curiosity in the photographic process:

I hope we haven’t caused her to need glasses!

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