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Monday morning we had the pleasure of hanging out with two sweet girls – Maddie and Maddie!  “Big” Maddie is two and “Little” Maddie is 12 months old.  Big Maddie showed up to our little photo shoot asking to meet her “sister” Maddie.  I suppose in a two year old’s mind having the same name is the equivalent of being related!  🙂  But it was great preparation because any day now she will really become a big sister!  We’re all waiting anxiously to find out if it’s a girl or a boy!

Maddie and Maddie (or Maddie Squared as I like to call them) were so excited to don winter coats, even though in New Orleans August is still sweltering.  They loved pretending it was cold outside despite the heat.

Is it Christmas time yet?  We certainly wish that it was, but until then we can pretend! It’s Holiday dress up time with some cool nutcrackers, or soldiers as Big Maddie insists they are called.

Little Maddie enjoying some shade on the front porch…

Big Maddie giving her mom a grin while musing about what to name the new little sibling.  She is very excited to be a big sister.

And last but not least, someone shows a little curiosity in the photographic process:

I hope we haven’t caused her to need glasses!

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