Orient Expressed is dedicated to offering quality, inspired, memorable, comfortable and versatile clothing for children from infants to tweens.  Our exclusive clothing collection is designed with children and their moms in mind.  Whether it is a hand smocked dresses and outfits, heirloom quality special occasion dresses, trendy knit for school or play or a basic tee with a favorite sports theme, our clothing is meant to please and endure.

The design team at Orient Expressed has more than 30 years of children’s clothing design experience.  Beginning in 1978, the clothing collection was created after two young art teachers spent a summer vacation in Asia, and returned to their New Orleans homes with a container of antiques and art objects to offer for sale in what is currently known as a “pop up store”.  When their young families were born, these early originators of the pop-up concept then turned to clothing design for their baby daughters.  Friends soon clamored for these clothes, and a new product line was created:  Orient Expressed Children’s Hand Smocked Clothing.  The line has flourished and grown into a national retailer that has clothed children beautifully throughout those years.

Hand-smocked clothing and traditional styles, including bishop dresses, shortalls for boys, baby bubbles, and special occasion garments, continue to be a significant part of Orient Expressed’s collection.  Recognizing the needs of today’s busy moms and families, our collection has expanded to include trendy cotton knits for girls, pants and tees for boys and girls, sweaters, coats, nightwear, and an eclectic collection that pleases our growing customer tastes.

We invite you to visit our website at www.orientexpressed.com and enjoy shopping our imaginative collection.  Clothing is offered on our website, at our retail store in New Orleans, through our twice-yearly print catalog, and through home shows through out the country.

Finally, we continue to believe that dressing a child beautifully is one of life’s great pleasures.


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